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Broski CiderWorks

Some colleagues of mine invited me out to Pompano Beach Broski CiderWorks this evening. Now I certainly like a cider on occasion but I will readily admit, there are no ciders in my beer or regular fridge. Maybe because the selection and my grocery is limited or maybe I lack knowledge in this specific craft. I will choose the latter.

Anyway, Broski Ciderworks is a little off the beaten path but not really hard to find if you live in NorthEast Fort Lauderdale area. To say the place was hopping on a Friday evening was an understatement. They were releasing their Plum Cider, which was fantastic. I tried three different cider combinations and each was awesome. Certainly a great sipping beverage and my observation is that, even as the beverage warmed, was still great.

So while the main area was jam packed and be area where the pressing and fermentation tanks was stifling but still packed, my colleagues and I camped out by the front door where a popup food tent was setup selling Raman noodle combos for about $12 / plate. This place was also doing a great business. My friend Liz decided to indulge despite a queue of 30 in front of her ordering. Food was good and from the brief time we waited for the Liz meal to arrive, they must have done another 30 diners. Not a bad profit.

So as I sit here and share this great discovery with you all drinking a Founders Breakfast Stout, I feel enlightened on additional craft beverages. The ciders were great and if you are in the area, I highly recommend stopping in the establishment.

As usual, comments are welcome and as always, lets drive craft creations for their individuality and growth spirit. Check them out at http://www.broskiciderworks.com

On tap 6/21/19 at Broski Ciderworks

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Broski CiderWorks

  1. Jade C says:

    Dave I would have to second that. There seems to be a micro brewery on every block, this is a nice change. I think they need some portable seating outside. However it says a lot when you have customers willing to stand and sit on the ground outside! Good friends, good drink, good times!

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