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Part 1 of 6- Funky Buddha Brewery Imperial Club

So in my efforts to advance all things craft and supporting our S. Florida local breweries, I found myself at the Funky Buddha on yesterday with a colleague of mine and behold, there was a plethora of 4th of July specials available so I thought, why not get started on this update.

For this series, I don’t have a specific timeline. I signed up for the Imperial Club 2019 / 2020 which starts on August 1 and ends next year in July. the $100 signup fee seems nominal considering what being a club member is provided. Examples include:

  • Five $20/bottle releases during the membership period. Yes, I checked the math and the Buddha still will make some money
  • T-Shirt of your size to celebrate club membership
  • Assorted taproom benefits and pre-release specials.

I urge you all to check out this offer as the last day to sign up is July 15, 2019. If any questions, I refer you all to the source, https://funkybuddhabrewery.com/store/imperial-club-20192020

So if you like the Imperials, which I do to some extent, maybe give this a try.  Worst case scenario, you have an opportunity to visit the brewery with friends.

Later this month we will be visiting the Pittsburgh for some family events and I get to check in with local brewmaster and certified craft brew judge Jonathan Baeckel who I am sure will make the visit memorable.

Until our next adventure, remember to support your local craft brew businesses and remember, comments are always welcome.

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3 Responses to :
Part 1 of 6- Funky Buddha Brewery Imperial Club

  1. Baeckel says:

    Looking forward to hitting up some local joints!!

    I’ve got craft gin and tonic I made on draft right now too 🙂

    1. David Elder says:

      Gotta love Craft

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