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OddBreed Brewery

Today, on a whim,  I decided to revisit OddBreed Brewing in Pompano Beach Florida.  Now, full disclosure, I was in Islamorada yesterday and was at the Islamorada Brewing Company ( https://www.islamoradabeerco.com/ ) and definitely enjoyed that atmosphere, but not enough to write about it here on this blog.

Back to OddBreed (www.oddbreed.com).  So it is a rainy Saturday and I remember visiting this brewery maybe 18 months ago, just after they opened their taproom.  Haven’t been back since. Wasn’t a proximity issue or anything, but the people I was with at the time really like a certain type of beer ( think plain) so we didn’t go back.  So glad I went back today. 

In the taproom I met the head brewmaster and self proclaimed, Minister of Funk, Matt Manthe who was working on something on his laptop.  I am a curious type so started with a prearranged flight which was an awesome choice, four 5.5oz beers and I can tell you, after 30 minutes I didn’t have a top choice as I was sipping from each of the 4 glasses while asking questions of both the brewmaster and the really knowledgeable taproom  master which was a great experience. 

So as you all know, I don’t rate beer since each of us have individual palates, but these beers are distinctly different from my other adventures to be sure.  In fact, there is a strong likelihood, that this little brewery will be my new secret near home favorite.

Copying from their website, www.oddbreed.com,

“Odd Breed Wild Ales is a small brewery focused on the production of wild ales and farmhouse ales in Pompano Beach, Florida. At Odd Breed Wild Ales, all of our beers are fermented with our unique mixed culture of wild yeast and bacteria, and aged in oak barrels. We make beers inspired by our favorite Lambics and Farmhouse ales of Belgium, yet our focus is on creating unique barrel aged wild ales, many of which utilize Florida’s vast array of fresh citrus and tropical fruit.

Our beers are driven by experimentation and curiosity—we aren’t afraid to brew something atypical, but we also aren’t afraid to dump bad beer. We don’t brew trendy or gimmicky beer. We don’t skimp on ingredients or process, and our products take months and sometimes years before they are ready. Our beer is not easy to make and it is very labor intensive, but we think it is worth the effort. We hope you like to drink the beers we like to make!”

I can tell you, their beers are different and that is what makes them distinct.  I recommend, if you are near Pompano Beach Florida in the near term, swing by and have the prearranged flight.  It is quite delicious.

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OddBreed Brewery

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