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Hope 4 Hope Town Benefit Concert at Tarpon River Brewing

So you have to love the errant message on your phone from a friend that says:

Shane Duncan Band will be playing alongside other artists to help raise funds for the people suffering in the Bahamas. Love because, I am in South Florida and the Dolphins need some help. Love because, all they ask is to show up, bring some supplies, give some funds, not forget our humanity.

And so, my good friend Mark D, sent the text. My good friend Richard D, says I will be pick you up and we were on our way. So full disclosure, I have yet to write about this brewery, Tarpon River Brewing yet, but I have tremendous respect for the ownership, specifically Julian and Lisa Siegel that have really brought craft brewing alive in the county of Broward over the past 10 years.

So, onto the descriptors. First, the Tarpon River Brewery is located at 280 SW 6th St,. Fort Lauderdale, FL, basically right down town in what I would describe as an up and coming neighborhood for the young and mighty. And the location is great actually, just South of Broward Blvd and just North of Davie. Nice job on the location.

Onto the event. For of those of you that don’t know, the southeast U.S. recently had a near miss with Hurricane Dorian. However, our closest offshore neighbor, the Bahamas was just crushed. While we in the south eastern areas breathed a sigh of relief, our colleagues at Tarpon River Brewery said, lets mobilize and so they did. Creating an atmosphere for giving and community that we really love to see across the world. Did I mention dog friendly? Should have and most breweries should be.

The event by the way was great. Inside brewery, great staff as usual. Out back, the guys from IronHeart Canning serving up the beers that they canned. My personal recommendation, Inzane, that is the 16oz in the picture below. Nice and light which was perfect for this festive occasion.

Of course, what would a blog post be with out the requisite double entendre? So let me leave you with this picture to draw your own conclusions.

Julian, Lisa and all the staff at Tarpon River Brewery, you an inspiration to us all. Love the event and the venue.

Till next time,

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Hope 4 Hope Town Benefit Concert at Tarpon River Brewing

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