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Greater Fort Lauderdale Beer Week

So making the investment to do a 3 brewery crawl today as part of this celebration of craft beers in Fort Lauderdale.  Nice call out to Jenny from FeMale Brewfest, very nice job today.

First start / stop is 3 Sons Brewing Co. which is a first visit for me.

Started with a bartender assisted flight consisting of Rice Crispy Bois, the Strawberry Bling, Dopealicious Double Dry Hopped IPA, and to round out the foursome, the Baby Scoop , a nitro irish stout. As you all know, I don’t rate beers on this blog, but I will tell you that Iiked all 4 of these, even my spouse would like the Rice Crispy Bois from a smoothness perspective.

The Baby Scoop also really nice, and you can get both of these to go, you know, if you like it in the can. Kayla was my bartender for the start  and she was fantastic.

First inside this place is great, nice and bright, even to the point of being able to see the Dolphins have another NFL No Show weekend. Starving so I had the margarita personal pizza, hit the spot for sure and allowed me to focus on the task at hand, specifically, checking out the craft brews. Get the pizza for sure as it was really good, super quick and tasty.

Time to load up on the bus. So lets look at the bus. Provided by Damn Good Beer Bus ,

was super comfortable for the group of us, I think 15 in total. Plus , I am going to say that within this group of 15, we had some planners, specifically the twosome from Maryland by way of New Mexico to south Florida that brought a Trillium to share with the group. This was super awesome and nicely done.

The bus was sponsored by BROO Shampoo and goodies and we all got some take home items from this. I will give the females of my house to provide an opinion.

Next stop was Odd Breed Brewery which I have written about previously. Matt Manthe, the brewmaster was in the taproom today, he is in the background of this flight I ordered.

All and all a great time. My observation remains the same, Odd Breed wild ales are not a commodity beverages. This are works of art. Nice job Matt.

Our last official bus stop was Tarpon River Brewery in Fort Lauderdale. I have been here several times but was super happy to see Julian and Lisa Siegel again because it is just such a fun hang out. Craft beer in Broward I have to thank Julian for this , at least from the introduction of what is possible.

As is somewhat typical at Tarpon River, lots of stuff happening inside and out of this place. Inside, a craft show going on, my favorite was the tipsytanks booth with lots of interesting t-shirt sayings.

Of course, on the way out, grab a 4 pack of inzane lager, definitely delicious and travels well. Not that I am advocating, but even the homeless like a tasty beer.

To wrap up, the bus brought us back to 3 sons brewery in Dania. Kayla still on the job and I as able to bring home an intact 4 pack of the Dopealicious Double Dry Hopped IPA.

This was a great day of adventure, a great weekend for kicking off the Greater Fort Lauderdale Beer Week, and a great way to meet some new friends.

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