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Dangerous Minds Brewing Co.

So after a busy early morning and afternoon, I was able to join a very old friend, Bob Vreeland for the opening of Dangerous Minds Brewing Company in Pompano.  So I haven’t seen Bob in likely 25 years, but we attended school together, same fraternity, and by the way, when I was in school, he was the Budweiser representative on our campus at the Florida Institute of Technology In Melbourne, Fl.  So enough background.

This is Bob and I after so many years, I am the guy without the hat:

First, this is a great location and while today was the official grand opening, they opened about 3 weeks ago to family, friends, etc., to work out the kinks. 

So there are 2 primary people involved, Andre Bier and Adam Boring, and Steven Massey for social media.

They have a generous arrangement of beers on tap, and while the back office looks small, note that they have their Bright tanks in the cooler saving space and the kegging step overall. Smart move.

In the same plaza is the Yoga studio , WWW.hotyogahome.com, where they were highly convincing to check out their studio, so yes, next week, I will be in a yogaesque outfit and give this a try. 

More information is available at, info@hotyogahome.com.

As everyone is aware, I don’t rate or rank beers as my palate, your palate, etc., are different. I will say though, the APA, the IPAs, the Stouts were all very good and I would recommend all for sampling to the masses if interested. They have setup a courtyard style area for just drinking and having fun. Full disclosure, I do love giant jenga.

But please, take an Uber or Lyft to a craft brewery.  The beers are delicious,and hard to resist.

Till next time and always hoptimistic,

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Dangerous Minds Brewing Co.

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